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MGH RESPECT Values and Standards

At the heart of MaineGeneral are our RESPECT Values and Standards, which guide how we treat each other and those we serve.  All MaineGeneral employees, at all levels, are expected to abide by these Values and Standards and hold each other accountable for treating people with RESPECT.


“I will demonstrate respect and compassion with my words, my tone of voice and my body language”

“I will treat everyone as the most important person I see or speak to today”


“I will promote excellence by doing my best work every day in every interaction”

“I will maintain a high standard of ethical behavior and personal expertise striving to exceed expectations”

“I will maintain confidentiality”


“I will be responsible for maintaining a safe and secure accident-free environment”

“I will speak up when I am concerned about the safety of patients or anyone else”


“I will be responsible for my own actions and learn from my mistakes”

“I will always make sure my appearance is clean, professional and follows MaineGeneral dress code”

“I will assume responsibility for my personal and professional growth”


“I will demonstrate empathy and caring for patients and families”

“I will be sensitive to the diversity among our patients, families, employees and community”


“I will welcome EVERYONE with a smile, eye contact and a friendly introduction”

“I will utilize appropriate meetings and communication tools to receive and share information”

“I will listen to other people’s needs and respond in an open and accepting manner”


“I will collaborate with others, being positive in finding solutions, and supporting a blame-free environment”

“I will recognize the skills and expertise of my coworkers, acknowledging that the team can accomplish more together than individually”