Patient & Family Centered Care

MaineGeneral is committed to bringing the perspective of our patients and families into everything we do. This approach is called “Patient & Family Centered Care.” It means that we partner with our patients and family in the delivery of their care.  This leads to improved patient outcomes and an overall better patient experience.   

MaineGeneral currently has seven Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFACs), one representing  medical centers in Augusta and Waterville (photo above) and 6 primary care patient and family councils.  Members consist of our patients, family members and staff who meet regularly to discuss topics such as hospital signage, patient registration, the new regional hospital design and waiting room areas.  Any recommendations made by the Councils are shared with staff for adoption and implementation.   Our Councils are a valuable resource for insuring that we include the voice of our patients and families in everything we do.

The Councils adopted the following principles to guide their work:

  • Fear is replaced with confidence; pain with relief; uncertainty with explanation; powerlessness with empowerment; institutional with homelike; isolation with partnership; inconsistency  with best practice standards.
  • Patients & families feel cared for during their entire experience at MaineGeneral;
  • Patients and families are involved in every step of their care; and
  • Receiving care is a healing experience