Maine General Health OnBoarding


Tools for Achieving Excellence

We have partnered with The Studer Group* to hardwire excellence throughout MaineGeneral.  All  leaders attend Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs) several times a year to learn about new tools to achieve our goals and share these tools with staff.

Below are just some of the best practices we utilize to ensure we are a great place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care:

  • Staff Rounding – Managers regularly meet with staff to discuss how things are going, offer ideas and help.
  • Patient and Family Rounding – Nurse Managers visit with patients and families to make sure they are getting great care.
  • Internal Customer Rounding – Managers round with other department managers (i.e., support services, information technology) to ensure we give our best to each other.
  • Discharge Calls – Patients are called after they leave the hospital to check in and make sure they understand how to care for themselves.
  • High-Solid-Low Conversations – Employees meet with their manager to review performance twice a year, and actions to stay or become high performers.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Employees are annually asked their opinion about working at MaineGeneral.  We use results to make MaineGeneral an even better place to work.
  • Thank You Notes – Managers send these notes to employees at home to say thank you for a job well done.
  • Leadership Evaluation Manager – The software we use to keep track of our organizational, departmental and leadership goals.
  • Excellence Teams – Staff and leaders participate in the following teams to create a culture of excellence at MaineGeneral: Communication; Measurement (of our results); Standards (of behavior); Rewards & Recognition; and the Leadership Evaluation Manager Steering Committee. These teams identify and solve key issues, improving the organization in the process.
  • Monthly Supervisory Meetings – Managers meet monthly with their “one-up” or manager to talk about their 90-day work plans, employees who deserve recognition and any help they need from their manager.

*Studer Group is a coaching firm devoted to teaching tools and processes that organizations can use to create and sustain service and operational excellence