Maine General Health OnBoarding


Management Training

Managing at MaineGeneral

Our comprehensive professional development program combines core learning with the clear understanding of MGH values, leadership expectations and specific MGH processes. It incorporates MGH's commitment to patient and family-centered care, quality service, and great outcomes. All new managers attend this training, which involves half days over a 10 week period. After lunch, we will offer self-select technology training for managers who would like additional training on specific topics.

Leadership Development Institutes

All MGH managers participate in two-day LDI trainings three to four times a year. These programs focus on learning new ways to hardwire proven techniques in improving patient satisfaction throughout the system.


Another outstanding leadership development opportunity comes in the form of a 10-month intensive "Leadership and Professional and Organizational Development" (L-POD) training. The course, led by experienced trainers in organizational leadership, is geared toward developing the skills of high potential MGH managers. These skills cascade to other managers and employees, ulimately benefiting the organization as a whole.