Maine General Health OnBoarding


Life Engaged!


Being a MaineGeneral employee is both a profession and a passion. It means being fully engaged in your work and in MaineGeneral's mission, both inside and outside the workplace. Patients, families and coworkers deserve the very best you have to give, every day.  Our employees love what they do.  They actively seek feedback to improve their skills and processes.  They want to grow and learn so they can keep giving their best every day.  They understand they are ambassadors for MaineGeneral among their friends and family, so they speak well of the organization at every opportunity.  If they hear of something that does not reflect well on MGH, they tell the right people so they can address the concern.

MaineGeneral employees have a long history of volunteerism in central Maine. We are the second largest employer in the area and we have a major impact throughout the region. The way we behave and the things we do in our communities reflect on MaineGeneral, whether we mean them to or not. MaineGeneral employees are encouraged to be active participants in their communities and to present a positive image in all they do.