The People We Serve & the Work We Do

We serve patients and families from 88 cities and towns throughout central Maine, providing them with the broad spectrum of services they need for every phase of their lives. At MaineGeneral, we:

  • bring new life into the world with our unique maternal child health/midwifery services;
  • provide preventative services at our 26 primary care practices to help keep our patients well;
  • offer emergency services for those needing critical care in our community;
  • provide people the best rehabilitation and skilled nursing care when accidents or injuries occur;
  • offer home care services so people can remain in their homes as long as possible and hospice services for the most difficult times.

We truly care for the people in our communities throughout their entire life journey and we are committed to engaging them and their families in the healing process. To learn more about our Patient and Family Centered Care approach, please click here.